Monthly Archives: December 2010


“Black Madonna” by Javier Piñón

I feel so blessed. Grateful for the love, the beauty, the inspiration, the 2 baby boys growing in my belly, and all of you. There are angels all around.
I feel so blessed.

Thanks Siege. LOVE.


Silja Magg & my awesome friend, MASHA ORLOV directed a video for Andre Walker’s TIWIMUTA bookzine, with the creative direction of makeup artist ANDREA HELGADOTTIR, featuring India Menuez & Michelle Harper, that has now become the official video for RATATAT’s “Imperials”.

All for the Mountain’s new line..MOTHERSHiP.

As I said, I’ve fallen behind, so please bear with me as I try to catch up….

MOTHERSHIP has landed! Sweet Carlit’s new collection is fantastic. Check out some of the guest appearances