Monthly Archives: November 2009

“The City”


Keep an eye out for the new swim collection hitting stores in December, also take a peek at spring 2010 here… Join the vision quest! xo

Michelle Cortez…yes!


I love Michelle’s work. It really is just so lovely, funny, and sincere. We are neighbors in the same building and the top piece, “If we meet here there is no way we can’t succeed,”  hangs in our hallway. I LOVE seeing this everyday, it is a sweet reminder that all is good. Michelle’s website is coming soon, and once it has arrived I will let you know.

a new dawn, a new day…


M Blash (dog extraordinaire)


My dear friend M Blash, is not only a talented film director/writer, he is also a talented artist. These are two of his drawings. More to come on M…