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Brandi Strickland

Brandi Strickland

We are at that point in the design process where we are forced to push work out in order to make our deadlines. One of the biggest frustrations in this business is the time restraints. There is really no time to truly develop something, work it out, fix it, bring it to life, work it out some more, get it right, let it fly. Most of the time the final ideas that come out are pretty much first drafts. It can be so frustrating…Since we last showed Fall 2009 in February, we have already completed a Holiday, Resort, and Swim collection and in a week in a half all of our Spring 2010 prints are due. There is no time! I have always been envious of the way my husband, Javier, gets to work. If he chose he could linger on an inspiration for years. ahhh, the freedom.

So, sweet Universe, this is my formal request for inspiration, vision, strength, and speed in this next week and a half…

With infinite thanks,


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