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Richard Ruiz and I have been friends for more than a decade. We met in Paris when we were both attending Parsons Paris, it was love at first sight, sort of. We would stay up all night getting our work done for school and then squeeze into my twin bed and smoke cigarettes until it was time to go. Oh Paris, those were the days!
Richard is so super talented. His line, Richard Ruiz, is strong and poetic at the same time. His inspiration for Fall 2009 was a vision of an “urban nomadic tribe.” He was inspired for his collection when he saw two Masai tribesmen walking in Brooklyn in their traditional wardrobe.
Check out his work,

J’aime Richard!


flamingo formation

flamingo formation

These are flamingos forming a flamingo.


prelude to “All for the Mountain” entry…




All For The Mountain

"crystal mountain"

“crystal mountain”

"stay the course" by Matthew Morgan

“stay the course” by Matthew Morgan

Carly Margolis' pyramid dream jewelry

Carly Margolis’ pyramid dream jewelry

“All for the Mountain,” is a joint effort of Carly Margolis (one of my nearest and dearests), and the talented Matthew Morgan. The two dream lovers have combined their talents to create beautiful jewelry (see Carly’s pyramid necklaces above), furniture and objets d’art (see Matthew’s “Stay the Course” above). I am proud to say that they are both wearing several pieces from the Mara Hoffman collection in the top picture, “Crystal Mountain.” I LOVE Carly and Matthew and I am sure you will too…check them out asap!