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Coterie began today




Above is Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, we’re calling on her for some blessings now that Coterie has begun. Coterie is the big NY trade show that happens every season. All of the buyers come from all over and place orders. Our great reps, Devin, our east coast rep from Denise Williamson, and Rebecca, our west coast rep from EM Productions, work the booth.
It’s really tough out there for the fashion business right now, good thing we have a strong collection, great reps, and a positive out look!

I wish…


   I had thought of this first. Genius.

missing India

two women in Karnatka

Of all the places in the world, India is by far my favorite. I feel so connected to the land and the people, all of the color and the smells…India is a heart home for me and I am longing to go back. It’s been almost 5 years since my last trip and I really miss it. Every year i make a plan to return and then every year I just get busier and busier.
Above is a photo I took in Karnataka, in South India.

there are no words…


Swamp Siren.


Belinda Becker modeling/dancing in my “Swamp Siren” show in 2001. This show’s inspiration was all about Kali (the Hindu goddess) and her destruction. Kali clears so the new can come. It was originally scheduled for 9/11/01, we ended up showing it a month later…