it’s almost show time….


It is hard to believe that we are only days away from our fall 2009 show. Man, it goes so fast! This business is a whirlwind. It feels like we just showed spring 2009, there is no time between collections. It can be super stressful, but also so rewarding when it all goes right.

This week is packed with the last minute work to get the show done…
We still have to finish up our casting with Douglas Perrett, our awesome casting agent. Douglas has an amazing eye and is really skilled at putting a great line up of girls together, from super sexy to super cool girls. he gets it right!

Tonight is our hair test with Nackie Karcher, photos to come…Tomorrow is the make up test with Andrea Helgadottir, photos to come…

We start the fittings on the girls on Wednesday with Masha Orlov, stylist extraordinaire. We’ve worked with Masha for 4 seasons now so she really gets our collection and is able to add her super cool and creative slant to it. As a designer it’s easy to get really attached to a collection and see it in a very specific way. When the stylist comes in to work with the collection before the show there can be some resistance at first because you’ve spent so much time with it but it always works out great (at least in our case). We love Masha, she’s the best!!

By friday it’s all the last minute madness, matching shoes, gloves, jewelry, with the looks.

Saturday, put model cards together, run around a little more and pray for a good show.

Sunday, 8am, load into the Tents at Bryant Park. 11am, Showtime!
stay tuned…

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